About Us

Offered Services:

  • Full service primary care for all ages

  • Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment

  • CranioSacral Therapy

  • Functional Medicine consultations

  • Custom herbal prescriptions

  • Micronutrients analyses

  • Individual Weight Loss Programs

  • ETMS Cancer Care Protocols

  • Personalized "Healthy 401-K" Programs

  • Nutritional & Wellness Coaching

The Future of Medicine

NDFC is a new model of health care.  Dr. Croft combines traditional and functional medicine to restore the body's vitality and natural healing ability. She incorporates the best diagnostic tools, technology and education to prevent disease and get to the root of conditions.  When the body is operating properly, it tends to heal effectively, no matter what the condition. 


NDFC was created to meet the demands of patients seeking:  


1) A friendly medical home with a compassionate physician who is available and has time to sit, listen and uncover the root cause of your conditions.                                                                                                

2) A physician educated in a variety of scientifically supported welternatives and utilizes the latest laboratory science.   


3) To be self-empowered & an active participant in your health, take less or no medications, and even use food, herbs or other alternatives when appropriate.

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Quotes-Sacrifice Your Gift inspirational quotes wallpapers.jpg




NDFC will empower you to live a healthier life!

It's never too late to start living well.