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Introducing our new, all-natural clay mask, designed to deeply cleanse and purify your skin. Made with a potent blend of French green clay, bentonite clay, and kaolin clay, this mask is perfect for drawing out impurities, reducing the appearance of pores and leaving your complexion looking smooth and revitalized. Suitable for all skin types, this versatile mask can be used as a spot treatment for blemishes, a gentle exfoliant, or as an all-over treatment to detoxify and refresh the skin. Enriched with soothing botanical extracts and essential oils, our clay mask will leave your skin feeling balanced, hydrated, and radiant. Add this powerful and luxurious clay mask to your skincare routine for a spa-like experience right at home.
  • Organic Ingredients: White clay, chamomile, coconut milk, charcoal, flax seed, turmeric, hibiscus, matcha, cocoa, kelp

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