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Get to the root of your dis-ease no matter the diagnosis by partnering with us.

Dr. Croft listens attentively and will customize your health plan to help your inner healer take over.  She will review your health journey, lifestyle, emotional health, and recommend the most appropriate functional medicine lab tests.


A message from Cindi Croft, DO

I've worked in medicine for over 20 years.  I am the Director and Founder of New Dimensions Family Care. My approach is the future of medicine. I attended an osteopathic medical school and an allopathic residency. Early in my training I was attracted to nutrition and other health philosophies, and I created my unique approach I call "Comprehensive Medicine." It is a melding of Traditional, Functional, Lifestyle, and Eastern practices. And through this approach, I work with you very closely at getting to the root of dis-ease as well as developing a "Healthy 401-K" plan to achieve the best YOU you can be. 

My mission is to inspire you to be passionate about attaining and sustain wellness.

I will teach you how to take control of your health, your weight, your mind-chatter and any chronic condition.

Partner with us 


  • Cancer Care protocols

  • Consultations

  • Custom Herbal Formulas

  • Executive Health Coaching

  • Environmental Medicine

  • Hormone testing

  • Lifestyle Medicine

  • Personalized Nutrition & testing

  • Weight Loss Programs

  • Wellness Programs




      This is a short list of conditions. 

  • autoimmune conditions

  • bio-identical hormones

  • chronic GI issues

  • chronic inflammation & infections

  • elite athletic health

  • food allergies

  • high blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • integrative dermatology

  • integrative oncology

  • mental health

  • mold illness

  • pro-athlete wellness

  • weight issues

  • wellness

  • woman's health

Conditions treated
Getting started
Choose your program
$225 annually
      $300 per visit        
  • Patient Portal Access

  • Personalized treatment plan

  • Advanced Lab Testing

  • Prescription Drug Management

  • Care Coordination

           $500 monthly         
  • We are a paperless office

  • Read the Practice Policies

  • Please complete all office forms

  • Once we have received them the office manager, Karol, will generate an e-chart and schedule your initial one hour consult

  • All of the CORE Program plus : 

  • Up to Monthly Appointments

  • Discounted Supplements

  • Custom Triune Herbal Formulas

  • Progress Tracking

  • Nutritional Consults

  • Meditation Training

  • Stress Management Techniques

  • Energy Sessions 

  • Customized Healthy 401-K Plan


HEALTH is a verb.   It requires active daily investment.
And Dr. Croft is a medical futurist who will help you be the best YOU you can be !

Erika, patient

Dear Cindi,

I appreciate you checking on me at home. I've never had that kind of thorough care from a Dr. before. Your genuine concern for my health & well being was incredibly amazing. Thank you so much for your kindness!

Becky, patient

You remind me of a "country doctor" type who knows her patients by name, their families, the trials they're going through & using your knowledge of medicine in a way that shows you really care about the whole person. 

Charles, patient

I have never had such a thorough physical exam or a doctor ask me what my health goals are!  After our 1st encounter I am motivated  and actually looking forward to my followup.


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