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Wether you are healthy and desire to stay well, an athlete reaching for the best you, or a person not feeling their greatest with no understanding why or are taking medications you'd rather not be, then you should partner with Dr. Croft.   


Dr. Croft combines whole-foods nutrition, with mind-body, traditional, integrative and functional medicines to improve your health, restore the body's vitality and natural healing ability. She incorporates the best diagnostic tools, technology and education to prevent disease and get to the root of conditions.  


We believe health is a verb and knowledge is empowering. In partnering with you we learn your health goals and help you better understand how the body works.  When the body is operating properly, it tends to heal effectively, no matter what the condition.  


Dr. Croft went into private practice to meet the demands of patients seeking :  


1) A friendly medical home with a compassionate physician who is available and has time to sit, listen and uncover the root cause of dis-ease.    


2) A physician educated in a variety of scientifically supported "welternatives" and utilizes the latest laboratory science and treatments.   


3) To be self-empowered by your physician and an active participant in your health, take less or no medications, and use food, herbs or other alternatives when appropriate to support the body.


"Does it serve you?"  

This is my motto and  I live by it. It helps me live my best. I eat mostly organic, exercise daily, meditate, and believe all things are possible. My other interests include: painting, sewing, quilting & the outdoors. I ran competitively for years and enjoy sprint triathlon training.



Dr Croft grew up in Bountiful, Utah and graduated from the University of Utah. She began her journey East attending Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and Barberton Citizen's Hospital in Ohio for residency. While in OH Dr Croft volunteered at a seasonal migrant farm clinic. She was trained to be a self-sufficient rural family doc like in the old days. From there, she completed her three year National Health Service Corp Scholarship requirement in rural Luray, VA. The Shenandoah Valley is breathtaking and we still have strong connections and life long friends there. In 2006, she moved to NH where she first worked for St.Joseph's Hospital and then Concord Hospital before entering private practice. Dr Croft has been board certified with the American Board of Family Medicine since 2000.

She began her "welternative" education during medical school.  Dr Croft chose the Osteopathic medical model because it views structure equals function. And she was inspired from reading old texts by A.T. Stills, MD,DO. She incorporated the mind-body-spirit totality in her practice. She began self-studying nutrition along side her regular medical classes, and through the years has studied the following health modalities:

  • Culinary Nutrition 

  • Acupuncture

  • NAET

  • Homeopathy

  • Kinergetics & Body Talk 

  • Functional Medicine

  • Eclectic Triphasic Medical System training program (ETMS) through the Mederi Foundation with master herbalist Donnie Yance to support cancer patients

  • David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies intensive 3 year herbal training program

  • Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine Herbal Fellowship 

  • A4M Stem Cell Fellowship : started Jan. 2022

Incorporating these welternative tools with traditional medicine provides a richer patient teaching and overall healthcare experience.  This comprehensive way of medical practice is extremely rewarding to her, and she believes this is the future of medicine.




Arabelle (Belle) is Dr. Croft's dedicated virtual Patient Representative. 


She is a registered Physical Therapist and a certified Healthcare Virtual Assistant.  While studying  Physical Therapy at Cebu Doctors' University, Philippines she worked with an electronic health records company.  Medical technology fascinated her and after graduating she decided to pursue educating patients and physicians on using electronic medical records systems. 

Belle is focused, organized, and dedicated in her work.

She enjoys being active with her family and their family dog, Cider. 




Karol is Dr. Croft's virtual Office Manager.   

She was the IT Technician for Holy Family Catholic School in Idaho for 20 years.  Prior to this she was a patient representative for a neurology office. 

Karol lives in Washington and adores hummingbirds, enjoys reading, home remodeling, and helps care for my very busy granddaughter.


Dr. Cindi Swift-Croft, DO at New Dimensions Family Care in Concord, NH is the best!! She has been very approachable, compassionate, and truly concerned about her patients and delivering the best health care possible. She embraces technology and uses this to the patients benefit, which makes it easier for referrals and contacting her for questions and health concerns. She follows through with additional diagnostics and tests so that any issues are resolved or ruled out expediently. I love her holistic approach to medicine – no immediate drug therapy (unless truly necessary) but a natural and logical approach to treatment. Recently, my husband had a health issue and Dr. Croft recommended further tests and procedures that truly saved his life. My husband and I made the best decision transferring to this practice several years ago – I cannot recommend her highly enough.                                               

Eileen and Jim

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