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the New Dimensions of Wellness


Our programs  strives to support, restore & maximize your health. You might be at the earliest stage just becoming aware of how food choices & exercise affect your health. Others might be further along already eating well & regularly exercising ready to look more detailed at their nutrition, cardiac profile or embrace the mind-body connection to maximize well-being & life satisfaction. Where ever you are on your life's journey towards health Dr. Croft is ready to partner with you & design a "healthy 401-k plan."

Wellness is an ACTIVE process.

And It's never too late to start!



a vital investment

50% of Americans have at least 1 chronic ill. 

And the CDC sites Chronic Disease as the   #1 cause of death. ​


When was the last meal or snack you consciously invested in what, when and where you ate?

We all make choices every second throughout our day.

So, do your choices serve you?

This is Dr. Croft's Moto.

When you begin asking this of yourself throughout your day, you become more involved in your choices.  

It can help you stick to your goals.

5% account for 50% of our medical costs.    
1.1 million lives annually could be saved with better prevention.

Individualized patient-centered health care focuses on each patient's specific needs.

Each person's mind, body & biochemistry is unique thus, Dr. Croft has a variety of "welternatives" (tools) to utilize.

  • uncover the root cause of disease

  • decrease prescribed medications you take

  • prevent disease

  • maximize sport nutrition and workout recovery

  • nutritional solutions for chronic conditions

  • balance hormones : PCOS, peri-menopoause,...

  • improve gastrointestinal function

  • decrease weight and food addictions

  • understand & conquer compulsions of all types

  • non-toxic cancer care 

  • aid Autistic & ADD / ADHD naturally

  • enhance healthy aging and promote vitality & longevity

  • uncover the root of Multiple Chemical & Food Sensitivities

  • speed recovery from surgeries

  • decrease inflammation

  • improve chronic headaches

  • strengthen immune system

  • treat depression & anxiety naturally

  • targeted nutritional protocols

  • learn how to die "cured"

why its needed
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