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Gut Health Package Dr Croft



Are you dealing with CHRONIC GI issues and not getting any help from conventional doctors?  Dr Croft has helped numerous people suffering with long-term gastrointestinal conditions for decades.


Dr. Croft honors Hippocrates words, “All disease starts in the gut, so look there first,” and “Food should be your medicine.”  Hippocrates has been vindicated in our current neuroimmunogastroenterology field of research.  Thus, when your gut is not in optimal health any aspect of your overall health can be affected.    


We are committed to helping you understand what is causing your chronic ills and GI distress and work to achieve optimal health.  This program is recommended if you have tried the conventional approach yet still lack answers, tried of taking medications to manage symptoms and desire to feel better.  


Overall value of this package is $2775.

  • This program includes over 4 hrs with Dr Croft and dieticians and many freebies including the annual service fee.

    You will start with a comprehensive health assessment to help determine your unique recovery needs.  Upon purchasing of this package you will have access to several screening tools to complete PRIOR to your initial one hour virtual visit via telemedicine.  

    Dr Croft will discuss all of your completed assessments and make a personalized rehabilitation treatment plan.  This may include lifestyle recommendations, supplements, blood tests, functional medicine evaluation kits, GI studies that will be done at your local hospital or by a specialist she refers to, and she can coordinate with your PCP if desired. 

    • Up to four (4) telehealth video/office visits with Dr Croft
    • Two (2) telehealth visits with a whole-foods dietician 
    • FREE Annual Service Fee $225
    • Appointment preparation, lab Interpretation & personalized treatment plans 2+ hours over $800
    • Frequent check ins by your patient representative to support your progress
    • Timely Communication with Dr Croft via your patient portal 24/7
    • Access to advanced Functional Lab testing & video walkthrough of results
    • FREE Recipes
    • FREE Detox directions
    • FREE Immune Support Checklist to follow after completion of this program
    • 50% off one Master Class Series within one year of purchase
    • Access to supportive ancillary providers 
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