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 Conditions we treat

  • autoimmune conditions

  • bio-identical hormones

  • child behavioral issues

  • chronic GUT issues

  • chronic inflammation & infections

  • elite athletic health

  • fatigue

  • food allergies

  • high blood pressure

  • high cholesterol

  • integrative dermatology

  • integrative oncology

  • men's health

  • mental health

  • mold illness

  • multiple chemical sensitivities

  • muscular skeletal issues

  • pre-conception 

  • pro-athlete wellness

  • sleep issues

  • weight issues

  • wellness

  • women's health


I have been a patient of Dr. Croft's for about 8 years (at New Dimensions and previously at St. Josephs), and what keeps me going back is her knowledge, how she interacts with me as a patient. She teaches me about health issues that affect me at every visit in a fact based, friendly way that is engaging. She answers any questions I have with facts that help my understanding. That is very important to me, and she's the only doctor I've had that puts a priority on educating me. She coaches me towards health goals with encouragement, facts, and humor instead of just saying 'do this', and is very engaged in my efforts and progress. Along with her knowledge, her friendly manner is one of her greatest strengths and it gives me confidence to trust her judgement, recommendations and demonstrates that she is more that just my doctor, she is a friend that truly cares about my health and well being.


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