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Long Covid Package Dr Croft

Post-COVID19 Recovery Package


Are you dealing with prolonged effects after having COVID-19 and not getting any help from conventional doctors?  Dr Croft has helped numerous people suffering with long-term effects and sequelae of this disease all over the country. This program includes over 4 hrs of Dr Croft's time and many freebies including the annual service fee. 

Overall value of this package is $2300.

  • From reports thus far many people are suffering from a brand range of symptoms. These include  lingering deficits in pulmonary (breathlessness) and cognitive functioning,  fever, fatigue, impairment of renal and cardiovascular function, ongoing hypercoagulability, myalgia, depression, and other persistent physical and psychological effects.  

    Therefore, health check-ups after COVID-19 are essential regardless of the severity to maintain a high quality of life. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health after having this disease for which little is known.  This program is recommended if you are 4-12 weeks following infection.

    • Up to three (3) telemedicine video visits with Dr Croft
    • FREE Annual Service Fee $225
    • Appointment preparation, lab Interpretation & personalized treatment plan 2.5 hours $1000
    • Frequent check ins by your patient representative to support your progress
    • Timely Communication with Dr Croft via your patient portal 24/7
    • Access to advanced Functional Lab testing & video walkthrough of results
    • FREE Recipes and resources
    • FREE Detox instructions
    • FREE Immune Support Checklist to follow after completion of this program
    • 50% off one Master Class Series within one year of purchase; $225 value 
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