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My Wellness Partners

Russel Howard, APRN

Mental Health

Russell Howard, APRN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC is board certified in both Family Practice and Psychiatric Mental Health. He partners with his patients to create evidence based, holistic, and safe treatment plans.

Charlotte Paneuf, APRN

Direct Primary Care 
Medical Aesthetics 

Charlotte Phaneuf, APRN  is board certified in Family Practice received specialized training at the Esthetic Skin Institute. She is collaborating with Dr Croft to provide primary care services.

Kelly Molloy, CHC

Nutrition Health Coach

Lynn Durand, MD

Tick Borne Disease 

Kelly Molloy, CHC is a certified health coach. She collaborates with Dr Croft to help patients learn how to eat smarter and make healthier dietary choices for their bodies. 

Lynn Durand, MD is a family physician who has been practicing in NH since 1988. He has been specializing in Lyme Disease now for 15 years incorporating traditional and integrative medicine. 

Medical Massage Services


coming soon

Joel Begin, PT, DPT, CPRCS, MES is a physical therapist trained in trauma and somatic-based/healing methods. His unique approach combines traditional physical therapy with sensorimotor, somatic, and neuroplasticity methods to help foster enhanced mind-body healing, performance, and wellbeing. 

Joel Begin, DPT

Physical Therapy

Sharon Tower, ARCB Certified Reflexologist, RMT studied reflexology under Elysia Bates at All That Matters in South Kingston RI.  She received her national certification August of 2020. Sharon has been practicing reiki since 2015, became a master in 2018 and a master teacher in 2020. 

Sharon Tower, ARCB

Reiki Master

Marco Martino, Lac


Marco Martino, LAc began his acupuncture education after a car accident left him with chronic pain that was unresolved until meeting an old acupuncturist and pulse master from China.  He was so impressed with this modality that he began a graduate orthopedic acupuncture program at Tristate College of Acupuncture in NYC in 2017.  He then attended Pacific College of Health and Science to further focus on acupuncture and internal medicine. After graduating in 2021, he returned home to NH to share his acupuncture expertise with his home community.

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