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Number of patients

One huge difference between NDFC and a traditional family practice is the number of patients seen.  While a typical family practice has 2000-4000 patients, Dr. Croft's & McCall's panel is an exclusive and intimate family of 500 patients.  Caring is our strength.

100% Paperless office

We are fully paperless, thus be sure your medical records are direct messaged (preferred) or securely emailed to New Dimensions Family Care from your providers. Or you can scan as PDFs and securely email to then be attached to your chart.  If you are not sure of what information is needed please do not hesitate to ask.  We are here to help.  We cannot accept paper copies; we just do not have the space to store records. We are embracing technology and trying to be as "green" as possible. If you do not have a computer, tablet or smart phone you may find it difficult to be part of this practice.  All prescriptions will be e-faxed or phoned to your pharmacy of choice.  Paper copies are not an option. 

Convenient access to your doctor via technology, 24/7

You can reach Dr. Croft & McCall by:

  • email through your secure patient portal. (preferred)

  • phone or text (not secure)

  • Telehealth visits are extremely helpful especially when you are traveling away from home or acutely sick with a minor illness and lack the desire to get out of your PJ's.  

NDFC is happy to help you, 24/7.

Do you make house calls?

Dr. Croft will make house calls to her Newbury patients only at this time.  

McCall is available to the Epson area at this time.

Do you see nursing home patients?

Yes, we care for nursing home patients depending on the location.

What if I am hospitalized?

Hospitalists will take care of you if you need to be hospitalized.  

Dr. Croft & McCall will follow your care once discharged. 

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we take several insurance carriers.  This may change with annual contracts. You can verify we are in network with your plan prior to joining by using our NPI's :

Dr. Croft's 1730190604 

McCall Abbott's 1396292454

Why do you charge an annual non-covered service fee?

A non-refundable annual service fee is charged at the time of joining our group to help cover services that insurances don't. This is not a membership fee.  It helps keep our practice sustainable and for us to continue taking insurance and extend longer appointments with integrative health options.  Developing treatment plans can be very time intensive outside of your appointment.  You are still responsible for all fees designated by your insurance: co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. This is a requirement of your insurance.  All fees are due at time of service.  And using your pre-tax HSA or FSA dollars are smart methods of paying for your health care needs.  We encourage you to take advantage of this type of health care payment option if you have it.

Are fees eligible for HSA or FSA reimbursement?  

Yes, this is one smart method of paying for your health care needs with pre-tax dollars.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbs have been used safely as medicine for thousands of years.  

To get the best results from your herbal prescription, please follow these instructions:

  • Be compliant -- be sure not to miss doses.  Use your phone to set an alarm.  If you should miss a dose do not double up just resume with your next scheduled dose.

  • Take with warm water fasting 1 hr before eating or other medications or 3 hrs after.  If you have any tummy upset be sure to let us know.

  • If you become pregnant stop your herbs & inform us immediately.

  • If you begin a new medication from another provider please hold your herbs till you can reach us.

  • Herbs are generally very well tolerated, but sometime may like medications cause indigestion, rash, stool changes, ...  Please contact us with any concerns. 


My Herbal Rx has run out.   How do I get a refill?


Medicinal properties of herbs are precisely chosen for your specific condition and overall health at the time you are seen.  You will be given the amount needed till you need to be seen for re-evaluation.  Thus, you should not need any refills.  If you are on your last refill or toward the end of your herbs this should signal to you an appointment is needed before any further herbal Rx will be given. Your card on file will be charged for any product not already paid or claimed after ordered.  No exceptions!

Are my lab results in?

Once your labs have arrived, we will review them in depth & make them available in your chart via your patient portal.  You will either return for an office visit (or virtual visit) to discuss them in depth or she will inform you if an e-visit would be appropriate.  Some tests take 4 weeks, most turn around in ~2 weeks.  You do not need to call or email about your labs.  We will let you know when they are available.

How do I complete the Test Kit I received in the mail?

Each test kit comes with very detailed "how to" page of instructions.  Follow them carefully!  

We recommend you lay everything out on a table & with a highlighter or colored pen mark key instructions as you read.  This will help insure you do not make any errors in collections.  

You may also find visual You Tube instructional videos helpful.  

Do I take my medications, herbs & supplements while doing the Test Kits?

You may continue all medications except antibiotics, antifungals & probiotics are not recommended for most stool kits.  Please read the kit instructions for guidelines of how long to wait after your are finished with these particular Rx before completing.  Your doctor will instruct you if your supplements or herbals need to be stopped during a Test Kit.

How long do I have to complete the 3 day stool kit?

You may take a week to finish this kit.  Be sure to properly label every specimen.

Do I really need to restrict my water intake to 24 oz. for this Urine Kit?

Yes, the lab may reject your sample if it is too dilute.  Some items tested for (organic acids & hormones) must be very concentrated in the urine for accurate results.  Try getting one 24 oz. container and space your drinking throughout your day.  One container will help you visualize your drinking more easily.

When do I go for my Test Kit labs? 

Urine samples may need to be frozen several hours before shopping.  Read the instructions closely.  If this is the case, we recommend you collect the urine the day before you intend to go fasting to the lab.  This way you can collect the first morning urine the day before & freeze it thoroughly.  Be sure you do not forget it or the ice pack in your freezer the next morning.  Place a sticky note somewhere you will see it--your bathroom mirror or back of your front door. 

Some lab facilities will only process specialty lab kits Mon, Tues or Wed.  This is because the labs must arrive to the specialty laboratory before the weekend.  We recommend you go either on a Monday or Tuesday. 

Will my insurance cover the specialty lab kits?

Please check with the lab company's billing department.  They can inform you if they take your insurance.  It is also recommended you specifically check with your insurance carrier.  If the kit is not covered discuss this with your doctor because there may be a discounted provider rate.


What is a Patient Portal?

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as:

  • Recent doctor visits

  • Medications

  • Immunizations

  • Allergies

  • Lab results

  • Exchange secure e-mail with your doctor

  • Request prescription refills

  • Update insurance coverage

  • Update contact information

If we haven't fully answered all of your questions, please just ask.  

We are here to assist you.


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