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New Dimensions of Wellness

the New Dimensions of Wellness


100% Paperless office

We are fully paperless. Ideal communication on all health related matters is done through your secure patient portal. We are embracing technology and trying to be as "green" as possible. If you do not have a computer, tablet or smart phone you may find it difficult to be part of this practice. All prescriptions are e-faxed to your pharmacy of choice. Paper copies are not an option. 

Convenient access to your doctor via technology, 24/7

You can reach Dr. Croft by:

  • through your secure patient portal (preferred)

  • phone or text (not secure)

What is a Patient Portal?

A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. Using a secure username and password, patients can view health information such as:

  • Recent doctor visits

  • Medications

  • Immunizations

  • Allergies

  • Lab results

  • Exchange secure e-mail with your doctor

  • Request prescription refills

  • Update contact information


Video visits are available for initial and follow-up appointments. You receive the same high-quality care through telemedicine as an in-person appointment, but in less time and without any travel. We ask that you use eCheck-in to confirm all appointments when you receive the reminder. And we ask that you keep all your account information updated, review and confirm your medical history ahead of time, and be sure the payment of choice is in place prior to being seen for faster check-out.

What you need to know for Telehealth Video visits

We prefer to use Google Meets because our Google Workspace account is HIPPA compliant. So, with your virtual visits you will be emailed a google meet link generally the morning of your appointment. Be sure to check your devices microphone and camera prior to your appointment and have strong internet connection for an optimal experience. Three days before your scheduled visit, you will be sent an appointment reminder and we ask that you confirm your visit.

Do you take insurance?


We do not accept any form of medical insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. We can supply you with information to self submit upon request and a paid invoice after your credit card has been processed. We cannot help you with any billing questions or guarantee insurance reimbursement. Reimbursement varies and depends on the details of your specific insurance plan.


Since we do not accept insurance assignment, we do not fill out any insurance forms for patients and we are not responsible for insurance reimbursements. If your insurance does decide to reimburse you for testing, they will send you a check directly.

Why we do NOT accept insurance

We are passionate about what we do and when doctors contract with insurance carriers they must follow the stipulations of the care that the insurance companies feel you warrant not necessarily the doctors. We are more invested in holistic preventive care and utilizing the latest testing resources and treatments that insurances do not approve. Insurance also discourages long appointment times(over 20 mins) and we have received numerous letters from insurance carries of basically spending too much time with our patients through the years. It is our opinion quality health care cannot be obtained in the typical 10-15 mins time constraints most physicians are restricted to in order to keep their offices financially sustainable. Furthermore, upon receiving a $0.15 paper check our decision to terminate our insurance contracts was solidified.

Will my insurance cover the specialty lab kits?

We are electronically connected to Quest Labs. They are a national leading laboratory that is continually expanding their lab offerings. So, in depth thyroid and cardiovascular tests are used and covered (actually preferred) by many insurers. They offer some nutritional tests, hormone levels and infectious markers but other functional labs are still more advanced. Depending on the particular lab company they may require payment up front prior to a kit being mailed, payment at time of processing the sample, or may offer to submit to your insurance for you and then send you a bill. The Functional laboratory tests we utilize are designed to shed more light on your body’s physiology and nutritional aspect required for healing. As it is often said in the holistic model, if you do not look you will never know. These tests are important because they help decipher the best approaches to optimize and restore health.

Does Dr. Croft require past medical records?

Dr. Croft prefers to start fresh with a comprehensive health history which will include your birth, traumas, how you eat, sleep, etc. Much of what she has seen in prior patients’ records has not been of much value for how she approaches care. If after the initial intake visit any part of your past medical record would be valuable she will request that. And your patient portal is a secure platform that allows PDF and pictures to be directly uploaded by you to your chart for us to review.

What is the average cost of a patient visit?

Your initial new patient intake visit will be one hour. We currently charge $396 an hour (rates subject to change) along with the annual $225 service fee. Everyone’s health journey is unique and so laboratory evaluations will vary and it is impossible to generalize this here. But this can vary between $200 and $2500 depending on the complexity of the case. We do meet you where you are at and will scale back the recommendations if necessary, but Dr. Croft prefers objective data over guessing. This is why we have partnered with Advanced Care to be sure there are simple and cost effective ways to help you to get medical answers, feel better and obtain your health goals.


We also have designed various health packages that offer significant discounts. With the purchase of any package the annual service fee is waived, our hourly rate is discounted, as well as discounts on webinar series if interested. So, we encourage you to take advantage of these cost savings in purchasing one one of our programs to get started and continue your care.

What is Advanced Care?

Advanced Care is a leading company providing affordable healthcare loans. This company can help you be seen in our office if the upfront costs of any program is a stress on your budget by providing 0% interest medical loans.  We want most everyone to be able to see us if they desire. 

If interested visit :

Why do you use ancillary providers?

Dr. Croft does a lot of health education and coaching with you. When she recommends a dietary change she will give you ideas and references to further learn and follow. Since she is so busy we incorporate certified nutritionists and health coaches to complement her style and recommendations. These supportive providers can help you with specific dietary questions, recipe and meal planning so you don’t get board and you further understand why you are making these changes for your health. We work as a team to support you as you strive for optimal health with lifestyle improvements, nutrition and being accountable.

Can I see Dr Croft if I live outside of the United States?


We welcome patients from all over the world. We only speak English and so you’ll want to be sure you have a confident translator present with you. We will provide you with a PDF copy of labs you can have locally and any functional medicine lab kits will be shipped to you. Many can be self-processed in the privacy of your home.

How long will it take to feel better?

Difficult to answer, but many patients begin to feel better soon after they initiate the recommendations made at the initial visit. Improvement varies and largely depends on how complicated your case is, your motivation and compliance to the suggested lifestyle improvements and supplements. The body has inherent mechanisms for healing and once those are triggered you’ll begin to feel better and notice changes.

What happens if I don’t improve?

We rarely see a patient NOT improve at all! That being said, we do not know everything. Dr Croft has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and is continually researching, reading journals and taking courses. She is committed in helping anyone who desires to partner with us and she will reach out to other physicians and colleagues if it could help you. We may ask you to have additional testing and even refer you to another  provider. Much of your progress comes down to you! Are you following our dietary plan, are you taking the indicated nutritional support, are you cheating on our recommendations? If you are an ultra athlete striving to be at the top of your game, or if you suffer with a chronic condition you are exhausted from, or if you just are sick and tired of not feeling your best, then it is critical that you choose to do your part and follow the instructions Dr Croft makes to accomplish your health goals. We will most certainly do our part being the investigator and we spend a considerable amount of time on every case. We want you to succeed but you are the only you that can take care of you!

Are charges eligible for HSA or FSA reimbursement?

Yes, this is one smart method of paying for your health care needs with pre-tax dollars, and we encourage this.

Instructions on processing Specialized Labs 

Review this PDF for details about Functional Medicine test kits

If we haven't fully answered all of your questions, please just ask.  

We are here to assist you.

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